Museum Admissions

A hands-on technology and science museum, our galleries inspire the innovator in all of us.

Museum AdmissionsMuseum Admissions
A hands-on technology and science museum; our galleries inspire the innovator in all of us.
The Tech Challenge 2017The Tech Challenge 2017
Info ClinicInfo Clinic
Find out more about this year's challenge. Learn the rules and regulations, see the Test Rig, and talk with the engineers who helped design and plan The Tech Challenge 2017. Ask any questions you like as you start to imagine many innovative solutions.
Adviser TrainingAdviser Training
Learn how to support your students in the engineering design process. Emphasis is on collaborative team efforts and strategies, the documentation process in the engineering design journals, and how to create the conditions for creativity and innovation.
Team WorkshopsTeam Workshops
Students delve into the engineering design process in these team-building workshops. They develop teamwork and other skills they'll need to create an innovative solution and successful team experience, and learn to document everything in a design journal.
Test TrialsTest Trials
Test Trials allow teams to test their device in a simulated competitive environment. During the trials, teams are allowed to test their device as many times as they wish. Volunteer judges help simulate the competition and assist in the learning process.
Sensory Friendly HoursSensory Friendly Hours

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